Russia - fishing expeditions with an English-Russian guide.

If you're not afraid of challenges, love adventure, and have the guts, then Russia is for you. Just be careful, you'll want to go back there...

Check if you're ready to leave your cell phone, business, work, all the problems behind and go to a place where it will be just you, endless taiga, and a river that you won't forget for the rest of your life.

Over 15 years of experience in organizing fishing expeditions to the most remote regions of Russia.

Record-breaking taimen and giant Arctic grayling in the wildest region of Russia - Evenki.

An incredible fishing adventure. Taimen, Arctic grayling, giant Siberian pike, and much more. Fishing in completely wild and uninhabited areas accessible only by helicopter. Are you ready for such an expedition?

Siberia Expedition, Yenisei Tributaries - approximately 800 km north of Krasnoyarsk.

If you dream of a fantastic, budget-friendly adventure deep into the Siberian taiga, along the tributaries of the mighty Yenisei River, and you are not afraid to leave everything behind for a few days, sleep in authentic hunting cabins, and if you yearn to see the real Russia that you won't find in guidebooks, then this expedition is for you.

Our journey begins in the city of Krasnoyarsk, located in central Russia. From there, we will head north, gradually distancing ourselves from civilization, mobile phones, and television.

The land of the mighty taimen, lenok, Amur pike, and grayling - Khabarovsk.

Russia - Khabarovsk Krai - a tributary of the Amur River

If your dream is to catch a big taimen and experience extreme fishing in complete wilderness, then this is the expedition for you. The Khabarovsk region has long been considered one of the best places for catching large taimen and lenok. It is also home to the beautiful Amur pike and the largest lenok.

Into the Siberian Taiga for Taimen. A luxury fishing base in the heart of the Siberian Taiga.

This right tributary of the Yenisei River, located far to the north in the Turukhansk region, can confidently be called one of the richest and most beautiful rivers in northern Russia. Particularly in its upper reaches, the river is essentially inaccessible to ordinary boats, which is why only a few anglers venture there. Our fast sledges, on the other hand, have no problem navigating these challenging spots. It is in this remote area, about 100 km away from the nearest village, that you will find a beautiful and luxurious fishing base, a true paradise for fishing enthusiasts. It is there that you can encounter enormous taimen, pike, lenok, and grayling.


The sole reason why people arrived here and settled long ago was the fish. Even the shape of this island, seen from a bird's eye view, is compared by some to that of a fish. Undoubtedly, Sakhalin is one of the most fascinating regions in terms of fishing, not only in Russia but also in the world. Two species of taimen can be found on Sakhalin - the Siberian Taimen and the Sakhalin Taimen, also known as the sea taimen or redfish. Various salmon species such as pink salmon, chum salmon, masu salmon, coho salmon, sockeye salmon, and cherry salmon, as well as Dolly Varden and the beautiful white-spotted char, are just some of the species found here.

Yakutia - a fishing "terra incognita"

Yakutia, also known as the Sakha Republic, is a fishing "terra incognita" waiting to be explored. Located in the northeastern part of Russia, it offers a unique and untouched fishing experience. With its vast territory, pristine rivers, and diverse fish species, Yakutia is a dream destination for anglers seeking adventure and extraordinary fishing opportunities. From mighty lenok and grayling to impressive taimen and various salmon species, Yakutia's waters teem with abundant fish populations. Prepare to immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of Yakutia and discover the hidden treasures of its fishing paradise.