Join me on my fishing trips during the 2023/24 season

If you are alone or with a group of friends and would like to go on a trip to fulfill your dreams, the best way is to contact me. Sometimes, unfortunately, I am in places where contact is impossible, so if I don't answer the phone or don't call back, leave me a message on my email and I will definitely reply. Together we will arrange the time and place. The hardest part of fulfilling your dreams is taking the first step...

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Regards: Irek Szatlach

Madagascar fishing.

Join us for fishing expeditions in Madagascar, where marlins, sailfish, GT, giant tunas, and many other species of ocean fish await you. Our trips are designed for groups of four and come with a Polish guide. In the 2023 season, we have two available dates: June 1st-7th and November 13th-19th.

During the five-day expedition on a motorized catamaran, you can taste real Big Game. You don't have to worry about fishing equipment because we have it for you. Each participant has their own cabin, and our chef will take care of your taste buds. You just fish and relax!

Madagascar is one of the best fishing spots in the world, where you can beat your personal records every day. The variety of species is enormous, from marlins, sailfish, and GTs to king mackerels, sharks, groupers, and many more. We constantly change not only fishing spots but also lures and fishing methods. All of this depends on the group's preferences and weather conditions.

During the expedition, we reserve two or three days for exploring the island. Madagascar offers many attractions, such as diving with sea turtles, visiting paradise islands, or interacting with lemurs. Our land accommodations are comfortable colonial-style houses with service and separate rooms for each expedition participant.

In fishing, nothing can be guaranteed, but this is one of the directions where we have never been disappointed. Join us and experience an incredible fishing adventure in Madagascar!

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Wild expedition into the Amazon jungle. Local guides, far from civilization, for a great adventure and fishing. 6 full days of fishing in the Amazon jungle. (second half of September 2024)

Suriname is an underestimated gem on the fishing map of the world. Here, you can find practically all species of fish living in the Amazon River basin, including the famous wolf fish, a predator with incredible strength and razor-sharp teeth. We will also go after the famous Amazon catfish, arapaima, and bloodthirsty piranhas, which we will then use as natural bait for catfish. And all of this in their natural environment, the South American jungle, with its indigenous inhabitants who know perfectly well how to behave in the jungle, which is their home on a daily basis and where to find the best fishing spots. During one of our most challenging expeditions, we will venture deep into the Amazon jungle to camp by the river, sleep in hammocks while listening to the sounds of the rainforest, swim in its currents, and disconnect from civilization for a while. And most importantly, we will fish both during the day and, for those who want more, at night, for species that have never seen a human with a fishing rod. Read on...

RUSSIA - fishing expeditions

If you're not afraid of challenges, love adventure, and have the guts, then Russia is the destination for you. But be careful, because you'll want to come back... Taimen, lenok, grayling, salmon, and the incredible Siberian rivers await you. Picture yourself sitting by a stream, enjoying a campfire and smoked fish, completely disconnected from the world. Are you ready to leave your mobile phone, business, work, and all your problems behind? Are you ready to embark on a journey where it's just you, the boundless taiga, and a river that will stay with you for a lifetime?

With over 15 years of experience organizing expeditions to various regions of Russia, we provide full support from the moment you enter the country until your departure. Read on to learn more...

Norway - fishing, fishing lodges, expeditions.

Norway, located at the northernmost edge of Europe, is one of the most fish-rich and beautiful areas in the world. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the sea here never freezes, except in the deeply carved fjords. Even in the far north near the Barents Sea, it remains free of ice, and the temperature in the coastal zone in winter rarely drops below -10ºC. The situation is completely different in the interior of the country, where the influence of the current decreases, and temperatures of -25ºC and lower are common. It is precisely thanks to this warm current, also known as the Gulf Stream, and the food components carried along with it along the coast, that we have one of the largest concentrations of fish in the world. This is especially true in the northern regions of Norway, from the Lofoten Islands to Nordkyn Cape. That is why we have focused here on the northern and best fishing grounds of this fishing paradise called Norway. Read more...

Thailand - fishing expedition with a Polish guide.

Thailand is a tourist paradise, as almost everyone knows, even those who have never been here. However, not everyone is aware that it is also a paradise for anglers.

In Thailand, there are numerous fishing spots where we can indulge in the thrill of catching big fish from almost every corner of the world in just one day. It could be the legendary arapaima from the Amazon basin, the predatory northern pike, or the giant Siamese carp, the dream of every carp angler. And all of this can happen at a single fishing spot within a day. To catch such a variety of species and fish of such size under normal circumstances, we would have to travel thousands of kilometers, and it would likely cost us not only a substantial amount of money but also years of searching and attempts. Read on for more...

Canada - sturgeon, salmon, a group of 4 people with a Polish guide.

Sturgeon and salmon fishing in Canada do not require recommendations. For many years, they have enjoyed unwavering popularity among both Canadians and anglers from around the world, with visitors flocking to Canadian fishing grounds every season. It is there that we have the greatest chance of battling with a living dinosaur, a fish that has remained unchanged for hundreds of thousands of years and is also the largest freshwater fish in North America. The tenacity and spectacle of fighting this fish make its catches some of the most thrilling in the world.

Nepal - fishing expedition in the Himalayas for golden fish. Rafting and fishing on one of Nepal's most beautiful rivers.

Nepal - a land of stunning landscapes and the majestic Himalayas, offers a remarkable fishing adventure for golden fish. This expedition combines the thrill of rafting with the excitement of angling, allowing you to experience the beauty of Nepal's rivers firsthand.

The golden fish, known for its vibrant colors and elusive nature, awaits your challenge in the crystal-clear waters of Nepal. As you navigate through exhilarating rapids, you'll have the opportunity to cast your line and reel in these magnificent creatures. The journey will take you through some of Nepal's most awe-inspiring natural wonders, surrounded by towering peaks, cascading waterfalls, and lush green valleys.

Beyond the thrill of fishing, this expedition offers a chance to immerse yourself in the rich culture and warm hospitality of Nepal. You'll have the opportunity to interact with local communities, learn about their traditions, and savor the authentic flavors of Nepalese cuisine.

Whether you're an avid angler seeking a new fishing frontier or an adventurer yearning to explore the beauty of the Himalayas, Nepal's fishing expedition is an experience like no other. Join us as we embark on an unforgettable journey, combining the excitement of rafting, the pursuit of golden fish, and the breathtaking vistas of Nepal's rivers.

EUROPE - Fishing Expeditions

Our continent is abundant in fantastic fishing grounds and remarkable fish species: giant cod and halibut in Norway, tuna in Croatia, magnificent Swedish pike, zander, and perch, legendary catfish in Spain or Italy, enormous carp in France, and here in Poland. All of these can be found on our continent. If we add the eastern part of our continent, including the Ural Mountains and the Kola Peninsula, we have a literal cornucopia of opportunities.

Asia - fishing expeditions

Asia offers magnificent exotic fishing locations, giant fish, and incredible fishing adventures. Asia is all about diversity. Here, we have the greatest chances of encountering the Arapaima, engaging in a battle with its incredible strength and speed, or catching the world's largest stingrays. It's also a quest for the Golden Mahseer - a dream fish found in breathtaking mountain rivers at the foot of the Himalayas, and that's not all.

AFRICA - fishing expeditions

The Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean - the wealth of these waters makes them a haven for anglers. Here, there are still uncommercialized places that have preserved their original character - fishing paradises, exotic and extraordinary locations that leave a lasting impression. Read on...

SOUTH AMERICA - Fishing Expeditions

The largest rivers have always captivated the imagination of anglers, and what can be said about the world's largest one - the Amazon? It gave its name to the vast geographical region known as the Amazonia. Guyana, Suriname, Brazil, and many other countries owe their climate and the presence of magnificent, giant fish to this river. Mexico offers incredible saltwater fishing opportunities, while Cuba is renowned for its superb bass fishing. The list goes on...

SEA FISHING - BIG GAME expeditions for marlin, sailfish, and tuna

Sea fishing, just like freshwater fishing, has many faces. From comfortable trolling to pilkering in the Baltic Sea or further in Norway, to exhausting speed jigging or popping. All of this is done to catch the "fish of a lifetime". They say that the deeper you go into the forest, the more trees you find, but when it comes to water, more water doesn't necessarily mean more fish. That's why it's important to know where, when, and with whom to go for that dream "fish of a lifetime".