Taimen - a fishing base in the heart of the Siberian taiga.

Description of the expedition

During this expedition, we venture deep into the Siberian taiga in search of the legendary taimen. To get there, proper equipment will be necessary. On-site, we have a magnificent wild river, comfortable base, sauna, and an excellent guide. Taimen, giant pike, perch, lenok, and grayling, all from the wild Siberian river.

This right tributary of the Yenisei, located far to the north in the Turukhansk region, can confidently be called one of the richest and most beautiful rivers in northern Russia. It is a typical wild river winding through the vast taiga, enchanting with its breathtaking landscapes and constantly surprising with the beauty and wilderness of Siberian nature. At times, it surprises us with its wild and mountainous character, rapids, whirlpools, surrounded by rocks and waterfalls, only to completely change its character and lazily meander among cedar trees and pristine taiga. During the river descent and fishing on this magnificent river, we will be interested not only in its main stream but also in its tributaries and streams, as they are very interesting fishing spots for taimen, Siberian trout (lenok), and the ubiquitous grayling, not to mention pike, whitefish, and perch. The surroundings of the river are rich in wildlife as well as mushrooms, berries such as blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries, and currants, which perfectly complement our menu. The river, especially in its upper reaches, is essentially inaccessible to regular boats, which is why very few anglers venture there. Our fast boats, or rather sleds, however, handle such places without any problem, allowing us to reach where only a few can and enjoy an incredible fishing experience. Along the river, as is common here, there are many hunting wooden cabins that are abandoned in the summer and often serve as our shelter and accommodation during bad weather. In winter, professional hunters return to them, hunting for sables, lynxes, or wolverines, and in their free time, they catch grayling and trout under the ice.

This river can impress not only with its beauty and charm but above all with the richness and diversity of fish, which can surprise even the most experienced anglers. The main species caught in this river are pike, perch, ide, grayling, whitefish, and the impressive taimen.

However, before we start fishing in this magnificent river, we need to get there. I must say that the journey itself is incredible and leaves a lasting impression. We begin by landing in Krasnoyarsk, one of the largest cities in central Russia, although it still takes about a 5-hour flight from Moscow. Here, we plan a day of rest after the long flight, as we arrive in the morning. We explore the city and have the opportunity to visit a nice Russian restaurant serving traditional Russian dishes like pelmeni, stroganina, and other delicious specialties. We spend the night in a hotel and the next morning we pack up and head to the ship.

By ship along the Yenisei River to the fishing base in the heart of the Siberian taiga.

The ships sailing on the Yenisei River are true legends of these waters, some of them being over half a century old and a unique attraction in themselves. Depending on the class, we have various cabins at our disposal, ranging from luxurious apartments in the Lux class to first-class cabins with windows on the deck for two people or second-class cabins with windows for four people. The ship offers amenities such as restaurants, bars, a shop, and showers, providing all the comforts we need. The journey along the vast Yenisei River to our destination takes two and a half days, covering nearly 1,400 km, which is not unusual in Russia.

During its long journey, the ship stops at different towns and villages, where new passengers board and some disembark. But what is most important is that almost every stop features a market where we can buy local specialties from the residents. Apart from wonderful smoked fish, cedar oil, and butter, we can find products not only from the local cuisine but also homemade spirits, liqueurs, and wines such as "czeremucha," "kłubnica," "smorodina," and "czernika," just to name a few of the rich variety of flavors and aromas.

Leaving behind a different world in Krasnoyarsk, we have come here to discover something entirely different. On the third day of our journey, we finally reach the village where our guides are waiting for us. After a short briefing and warm welcome, we switch to sleds that will take us first along the Yenisei River and then onto the main river itself, gradually making our way upstream to the remote and inaccessible realms—the kingdom of taimen.

It is thanks to the sleds with minimal draft, rather than traditional boats, that we are able to reach places where it would be impossible for regular boats to venture. In order to reach locations like these, we must overcome several powerful rapids along the way, navigate around numerous rocks, bends, and swift currents. This is common on most Siberian rivers, making navigation challenging, and every expedition requires thorough and solid preparation, as well as experienced local guides.

After arriving at the destination in the late afternoon, we spend the night at our first camp, a traditional hunting cabin that can be found abundantly in this area. This cabin has its own history, as it was built by our guide's grandfather. As far as hunting cabins in the heart of the taiga go, it offers great amenities such as a brick stove and a traditional Russian banya, or sauna, without compromising its unique atmosphere and authenticity. From this point on, we can start fishing. At this latitude, the nights are very short, so there's no need to worry about the day being too short. Additionally, we also fish for taimen at night, especially using mouse patterns. Camping by the river is the most practical way to conduct our expedition, allowing us to move and set up camp in different locations, providing excellent and varied fishing opportunities each day. For the most part, we will be staying in traditional hunting cabins, which remain empty during the summer and are used by professional hunters who pursue sable and other animals during the winter.

Dining. During the fishing and river expedition, participants are provided with full-day catering, consisting of three meals a day. The menu includes freshly prepared dishes of Russian and European cuisine, as well as specialties from the local Siberian cuisine. Various fish dishes, homemade bread, and depending on the season, we also gather berries, mushrooms, and wild plants and herbs, which we incorporate into the meals or use to make tea. Tea and snacks are available throughout the day upon request. In the evening, there is a traditional Russian sauna - banya.

To ensure safety and proper organization of the expedition, a local guide always accompanies the group. Besides ensuring the safety of expedition members, the guide also assists with fishing, cooking meals, setting up tents, and more. Equipped with firearms, the guide is a professional hunter who possesses extensive knowledge of the habits of local wildlife and the conditions of life in the taiga. They also possess all the necessary documents and certifications required in Russia for conducting such river expeditions.

Length of the expedition: 6 days of fishing.

Group size: 8 anglers.

Season: late May to September.

The cost of the expedition includes: assistance of a English/Polish/Russian-speaking fishing guide from airport, assistance with obtaining a Russian visa, purchase of airline tickets, tickets for the ship, hotel reservations, etc. Organization of the expedition as described, as well as all necessary materials and products for conducting the expedition (boats, tents, food, fuel, safety equipment, radio communication, licenses, etc.), advice on fishing equipment, lures, personal items necessary to bring on the expedition (each participant will receive a list of recommended equipment and items to bring).

The cost of the expedition does not include: international airfare, cost of ship tickets, possible domestic flights in Russia, hotel, transfers and meals in Krasnoyarsk and on the ship, alcoholic beverages, and other expenses not directly related to the expedition itself.

Planned itinerary:

Day 1: Meeting at Warsaw airport, departure to Krasnoyarsk with a layover in Moscow.

Day 2: Arrival in Krasnoyarsk, hotel accommodation, free time, city sightseeing, etc., according to the arrangements with the expedition participants.

Day 3: Morning boarding the ship, departure from Krasnoyarsk, journey north on the Yenisei River.

Day 4-5: Continuing the journey on the Yenisei River, on the 5th day in the afternoon, we reach the starting point of the expedition. Meeting the guides, transferring to sledges, transfer to the river to the first campsite, equipment preparation, start of fishing.

Day 6-9: Fishing combined with the expedition according to the arrangements with the participants and the guide's recommendations.

Day 10: Downriver journey combined with fishing.

Day 11: Conclusion of the expedition, packing belongings, transfer to the village, overnight stay, or direct transfer by a covered motor yacht to the local airport in Turukhansk and departure to Krasnoyarsk.

Day 12: Arrival in Krasnoyarsk, transfer to the hotel.

Day 13: Departure to the home country or an additional day in the hotel for rest and sightseeing in Krasnoyarsk.

If you have never been on such an expedition before, or maybe you have and would like to repeat it with me, and if you have any questions, simply contact me.