Russia Siberia- Yenisey tributaries - the river Worogowka.

Group of 5 anglers Only 10-20 July 2016


River Worogowka - right tributary of the Yenisei about 250 km, in the upper course is characterized by its mountainous character, in the bottom from about 115 km in the direction of the mouth of a calmer nature, which allows safe rafting and fishing. In the river occurs a large population of grayling ( хариус ) to 1.5 kg, Lenok ( Brachymystax Lenok ) to 5 kg, pike up to 15 kg , up to 30 kg taimen in the river is also found whitefish ( сиг ) , burbot ( налим ) , perch and white fish (Coregonus lavaretus). Rafting will take place from the mouth upstream with stops at night and half in terms of angling interesting places, then down the river to the village Worogowka. The total projected length of the route is about 50-90 km. Preferred method of fishing is spinning and fly fishing

Plan runoff.

Day 1. Greating on Karasnoyarsk Airport by english speaking guide. Transfer to the hotel. The day off, city tour.

Day 2. Transfer to the ship, travel by ship on the Yenisey river to the willage Worogowo (one and half day, cabins, restaurants and bars on the ship, distance about 800 km)

Day 3 Reaching the village Worobowo, briefing with guides, start trailing up

the river, setting the camp on the river (tents or hunting huts accomodation, fishing).

2-8 day rafting connected with fishing, also in the smaller tributaries of the river, camping on the river mainly in the hunting huts, and breaks for meals.

Day 7-8. Rafting on the river in the direction to the base. In the evening, return to the base in the village Worobowo, banya (Russian sauna), accommodation in the

village Worobowo, dinner, in the morning return to Krasnoyarsk on hydrofoil (about 6 hours to Yeniseysk and 4 hour by bus to Krasnoyarsk)

Day 9. Night in the hotel in Krasnoyarsk, day off.

Day 10. Transfer to Karasnoyarsk Airport, flying home.

The price of the trip includes a full complex of services according to the plan from the moment you arrive to the Krasnoyarsk until departure. So : Care English speaking conductor (from arrival to Krasnoyarsk to the fly group from
Krasnoyarsk, all necessary materials and products for the organization and conduct runoff , ( 2 local fishing guides , fishing boat with engine , fuel, food products , fishing licenses , fee local guides , life jackets , tents, all transfers related to this programm, accomodation in hotel - double rooms)

The above prices do not include: cost of international air tickets to and from Krasnoyarsk, cost of obtaining a visa, any expenses related to the meals

and transfers in Krasnoyarsk (city tour or other), additional personal expenses, alcoholic drinks, tips for guides, bait and fishing tackles etc.

Fishing tackle, bait, etc. expedition members take their own and at their own expense.

The maximum and minimum temperatures in the region of the planned trip in late August and early September:

Day: + 21 º C night: + 10 ° C

Contact: Irek Szatlach,

Tel. +48 534-628-458

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Fishing on Siberia - Yenisey tributaries