Trophy fishing trips to Russia. Siberia, Yakutia, Kola Penisula


Russia - fishing trips - general information.

Russia is a country of continental dimensions, and it is difficult to say what that Russia is, you can definitely say one thing: vast and varied. We are interested in fishing aspect of this country. First of all -  fishing or "рыбалка " is a national sport in Russia and basically everywhere we meet anglers who are equipped with world-class equipment moving boats divisions, with all the technical innovations and those who stand by the river with a hazel stick fly fishing without reel as well. Someone might say impossible, but it is an old forgotten way that still works here.

I would like to invite you on unique fishing in deep Russia in the distant Siberian taiga or even tundra in completely wild territory where men is only a guest , over tributaries rivers as Lena, Yenisei, Bahta , Podkamiennaya Tunguska, as Small Bahtinka , Tynep , Sughaja Bahta , Huringda , Deltula or Goldaikta and rustic lakes, where still dominate legendary taimen fished only in the distant rivers in Russia and certain rivers of Mongolia , the king of the river and one of the most valuable and rarest fishing trophies on our planet . For the Yacutia, Khabarovsk and Krasnoyarsk Territory, one of the least populated areas in the world, to places where they are hunted for taimen, lenok - Siberian variety of trout, sigh - whitefish, harius - the local grayling, and giant burbot or salmons on legendary Kamchatka. There are great places but also great tough people, so that we can get to the heart of Siberia, unique place on the planet and enjoy every moment spent there. Expedition in the Siberian taiga is a serious matter and requires multiple treatments and organization, in many places you cannot reach otherwise by than helicopter or using military hovercrafts to reach all this unique places, sometimes it is “wodolaz”- special vehicle that is capable of get where certainly can’t make it by any modern four-wheel drive, while sometimes seems better take there by boat. All my trips in that region are organized with full board , my personal  participation as a guide and translator, care of our friends and nature with local anglers – men who know this places better than any others , specialized transportation ( helicopter , hovercraft , etc. ) all adapted to the profile of the expedition. Depending also on the type of expedition there are different accommodations: fishing base with all facilities, wooden hunting huts in the middle of taiga, or river camps in modern tents.


winter from late February to May

 summer from June to October

Prices and degree of difficulty.

My fishing trips take place usually in totally wild areas far away from civilization and human settlements, so safety of the participants is always on the first place. Professional taiga people as our team, satellite phone, rifle and often dogs are a rules and principles during all my trips. Of course each trip has a different level of difficulty and comfort, but all of my fishing trips are not survival trips, there are fishing trips for anglers eager to experience their unique fishing in the wild Siberia.

All of my trips are organized thanks to my long term fascination and direct contacts with local anglers. So affordable prices and unique fishing is my real motto. Between my trips you can find those that require helicopter transportation and those with alternative transfer to the fishing spots, quantity of the group and distance also has influence on the price. But whatever you choose you can be sure two things: reasonable price and unforgettable fishing in pristine Siberian waters. Remember, you always can ask me what is the best choice for you and count on solid advice.

Irek Szatlach

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